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Greenland Wilderness Camping


East Greenland

We camp in roomy 3-person tents (North Face VE 24 or 25s) that accommodate two people. There will be no single accommodations while camping—we simply don’t have space in the kayaks for extra tents. While in the field we will occasionally heat some hot washing water in a pot (solar shower systems do not work well in Greenland), which can be placed in a Zip-Loc bag in which to dip a washcloth for a sponge bath. Often we opt to clean up in the cold, clear mountain streams, just to remove the salt from a day of paddling. Toilet facilities will typically be “stepping aside in nature” below the high tide line, out of sight from camp. Typically, we wash “bidet style” in the sea or a stream, or you may burn your own toilet paper. The guides will be in charge of the cooking, though we expect and appreciate everyone's help with camp chores. We eat meals together as a group, and in case of rain, we actually carry a large tipi tent for indoor dining— it's tight, but cozy!