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Caucasus Accommodations on Trek

Caucasus Mountains, Georgia

While trekking in the mountains, we camp in tents and stay at local guesthouses. The guesthouses we use in the small villages of Dartlo, Omalo and Kakheti are rustic but rich in local atmosphere, and our hosts' hospitality is legendary. Beds are comfortable, and shared showers have hot and cold water. Modern, clean toilets are also shared. When camping we use spacious MSR Mo Room 2-person tents, or 3-person North Face Frog tents and/or 3-person Hubba-Bubba tents. We will be camping in open, alpine meadows—expect great views from the tents! We also supply full-length, expedition-style Thermarest air mattresses. We pack a portable toilet tent with raised seat that we erect over a pit, ensuring individual privacy. We also supply toilet paper and biodegradable soap to wash your hands in an adjacent stream.