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Gentoo penguin colony, Antarctic Peninsula

Akademik Sergey Vavilov - Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia

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Scandinavian-built for the Russian Academy of Science, this ship was designed to travel quietly during hydro-acoustic research. She is exceptionally stable, yet maneuverable. She accommodates 92 guests in a variety of cabin categories, with private, semi-private, and shared facilities, all with exterior views. Amenities include a sauna and plunge pool. The Vavilov has one elevator between passenger deck levels and the bridge level.

2015/2016 Itinerary, Dates & Fees

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Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia Itinerary

You may feel, as we do, that if you make the journey to the bottom of the world you may as well stay awhile. On this far-reaching expedition to the islands of the South Atlantic Ocean and the Antarctic mainland, you will revel in 18 eye-popping days of exploration. Busybody penguins in rookeries by the thousands, behemoth icebergs reflecting startling greens and blues, humpback whales feeding on krill and of course the continent-sized sweeping ice sheet of Antarctica.


Ultimate Antarctica: Amongst Emperors & Kings Itinerary

On this exceptional voyage, we chart a course through the Drake Passage on our way to the Weddell Sea, the ice-choked region made famous by the saga of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his men from the Endurance Expedition nearly 100 years ago. Images of massive tabular icebergs, ice-choked waters and human hardship come to mind when contemplating the Weddell Sea. Our journey then takes us north to the beautiful Falkland Islands and we enjoy several days exploring the western archipelago discovering several additional penguin species and viewing nesting albatross.


South Georgia In-Depth Itinerary

The Falkland Islands and South Georgia are the jewels of the South Atlantic Ocean. These incredibly remote and wild islands are home to an abundance of wildlife. The Falkland Islands has a rich and storied history, while South Georgia has rightly been called ‘the most staggering wildlife show on earth’. After our in depth exploration, we are certain you will agree. This seldom-visited corner of the planet is a place we know intimately and look forward to visiting every season.

  • Oct 17-21, 2015 ($10,145-$18,145) * This itinerary is primarily focused on South Georgia
  • Jan 30-Feb 13, 2016 ($12,995-$22,295) * This itinerary spends one extra day on the Falklands.

Antarctic Peninsula Explorer & the Falkland Islands Itinerary

The Falkland Islands has a rich and storied history. It also features wild, windswept landscapes and is home to an abundance of unique wildlife. It is also the starting point of this exciting new voyage. This expedition combines a visit to the Falklands and an in-depth exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula. Our journey is complete when we explore the South Shetland Islands. The major feature of this new itinerary is the extra days we enjoy exploring – meaning more off ship excursions. Walks ashore with naturalist guides, visits to historic huts, cruising in the zodiac boats to view spectacular icebergs, and witnessing an abundance of wildlife species are just some of the highlights you can expect.