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Hiking, Greenland & Canadian Arctic cruise

Akademik Ioffe

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Greenland & the Canadian Arctic

Designed and built in Finland as a scientific research vessel, the Akademik Ioffe is very stable, quiet and comfortable. External stabilizers and a built-in trimming system provide exceptional stability while still permitting excellent maneuverability. The Ioffe has an ice-strengthened hull and a maximum cruising speed in open water of 14.5 knots. She accommodates 96 guests and has been refitted and refurbished in recent years to enhance guests' comfort and the caliber of on-board facilities.

2015 Itineraries, Dates, & Fees

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Arctic Circle in Focus: Photographic Symposium

This is an exploration of the wildlife, culture and spectacular scenery in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. From Iqaluit on the east coast of Baffin Island to the west coast of Greenland this 11-day adventure sails through a spectacular wilderness of glaciers, mountains, fjords and breathtaking icebergs. Along the way, the Inuit settlements of both Canada and Greenland will open eyes to the rich and unique cultures that have survived in this harsh landscape for many hundreds of years.

A further highlight of our journey will be the shipboard photography symposium. In addition to our regular program of presentations on history, ornithology, geology and the natural world, this unique voyage will have a major focus on photography, with four professional photographers on staff and a professional water colorist.

Baffin Island & West Greenland: Off the Beaten Track

The Arctic has an allure that grips many adventurers, whether it’s the Inuit culture of the Canadian North, the incredible wildlife along the fringe of the ice, or the riveting exploration history that captivates many a reader. The Arctic Circle is also a highlight of this trip. A parallel of latitude located at about 66 degrees and 33 minutes north, the Arctic Circle marks the southernmost latitude where the sun stays above the horizon for 24-hours on the Summer Solstice. Over the course of this voyage we will cross the Arctic Circle at least twice on the ship as we explore this region of the Eastern Canadian Arctic and west coast of Greenland. Enjoy a more active adventure with the off the beaten track options.


The Northwest Passage: East to West

This iconic voyage through the remote Northwest Passage follows in the footsteps of the early Arctic explorers such as Franklin, Amundsen and Larsen, as we explore the archipelago of islands and channels that create Canada’s high Arctic region. This is the home of the polar bear, the barren ground grizzly bear, muskox, caribou and walrus and we journey through the wild Canadian north aboard our celebrated expedition ship, Akademik Ioffe. Wildlife is the major draw card of our expedition but there is plenty of historical interest and the stories of that ill-fated expedition by Sir John Franklin more than 150 years ago are central to our journey. Franklin made his last heroic foray into the Arctic in 1845 with two ships and 129 men, never to be heard from again. We visit the last known wintering site of his ships the Erebus and Terror, and other sites along the way where traces of the expedition have been found. For lovers of remote expedition cruising this journey has it all!