Cassiano "Zapa" Zaparoli
Zapa grew up on his grandparents’ farm in the interior of Brazil, where he developed a deep love for nature and wildlife. As a teen he loved to camp and fished in the tropical forests and rivers around his home. Zapa received a degree in Tourism Administration from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul State, located where the Pantanal begins. Immediately following he was hired as a naturalist guide at one of Brazil’s best eco-lodges, where he further developed his knowledge of his country’s incredible nature and his skills as a wildlife photographer. Since then he has worked in various biomes in Brazil such as the cerrado grasslands, coastal rainforest and Pantanal, and also in other biomes of South America. Each year Zapa undertakes a personal photographic journey around South America, where he has captured more than 35,000 photos of the continent’s nature, culture and wildlife. These experiences have allowed him to lend his expertise in the Galapagos on our photo tours, as well as in Patagonia as a naturalist Expedition Leader.